Next Meeting is scheduled for April 6th, 2024

Heavy Snow!

Due to the number and intensity of this winters storms, please check on your boat covers to remove snow, ice and pooled water.
Damage can be done to your decks and hulls from the added weight.

Approved Dock Accessories

Approved dock fender materials are listed below. They are available from several manufactures in the styles pictured below.
Taylor Made, Jim Buoy and Taco.
All must be white in color.
Fasteners must be Stainless screws and washers.
Contact the office if you have questions.
approved fender material

All Dinghies must be Registered with office.

Due to a increasing number of dinghies in use. All dinghies stored in the racks or at dinghy dock must be registered with the office. Please see the management to fill out required information. We will use this info to keep track of problem dinghies and notify the owner of issues.

Boat Maintenance

As of January 1, 2008 Connecticut state law requires all sanding activities on boat hulls to use a dustless sander. No scraping of bottom paint without a collection tarp is allowed on the premises. No power washing of bottom paint is allowed here. No power washing is allowable for boats with bottom paint being pulled from the boat ramp. All painting must have drop clothes in place to prevent contamination of ground soil. This is a strictly enforced policy and loss of your winter storage and or fines may result if ignored. Not only is this practice good for the environment but it also protects your fellow boaters property. If ignored you will also be responsible to clean or repair any damage done to neighboring boats. See pics below for examples. Any questions pertaining to this matter should be directed to Management.
Thank You,
SOR Management
Have a safe and enjoyable boating season.