Slips at S.O.R

Boats at S.O.R. are not allowed to extend outside of the Slip boundaries. Boat L.O.A. should be at least one foot under the slip size. Extending outside the pilings is strictly prohibited. Please measure your vessel in advance.
Dock season runs from April 1st till Nov. 1st. All boats must be out of water by Nov 1st.

Because we are a Dockominium, all slips are privately owned and rentals are done through the individual owner.
The office at S.O.R. can answer any questions you may have about the Marina.
Please contact the S.O.R. office if contact numbers given for Slip Rental do not work.
Office # 860-599-8728.

Slip B-3 / 30ft for SALE

Slip B-3-30ft for SALE. South side of south dock. Max L.O.A. 29ft.
Contact : Antoni @ 203-673-5067 for info.

Slip B-21 / 34ft for Sale

Slip B-21 for Sale. Max L.O.A. 33ft. South side of south dock.
Contact: Todd @ 860-495-5031for info.

Slip A-11 / 34ft for SALE

Slip A-11 South side of North dock. Max L.O.A. 33ft
Contact : 860-463-6925 for pricing info.

Slip A-3 / A-6 30ft for SALE

Slip(s) A-3 and A-6 30ft for SALE. Max L.O.A. 29ft
Contact: Ann @ 860-739-7876 for pricing and info.

Slip B-2 and B-4 for SALE

Slips B-2 and B-4 (30ft) for SALE. Max L.O.A. 29ft.
Contact: Switz Realty 860-884-6003 or 860-572-9501

Slips A-10/30ft and B13/34ft for SALE

Slip A-10 / 30ft and B-13 / 34ft slip(s) FOR SALE.
Contact: David @ 401-500-0790
or Email :

Slip A-12 / 34ft for SALE

Slip A-12 / 34ft x 12.5ft Available for SALE. North side of north dock. Max L.O.A. 33ft
Contact : Bill @ 860-919-4885 for info and price.

Slip A-7 / 34ft for SALE

Slip A-7 / 34ft for SALE. South side of north dock. Max L.O.A. 33ft.
Contact: Tony @ 860-559-0320